Creating a new course about block based themes

I wanted to tell you what I have been working on lately: A new course about block based themes. The course will have a mix of written content and video content.

This is the first full course that I have created – it is not complete yet, but I am happy with the outcome so far.

The course will include lessons on block grammar, block styles and patterns, block based theme structure, templates and template parts and more.

Before releasing the course, -I could really use your help.

I would like to know what questions you have about full site editing, if you have tried the experimental features, and what your thoughts were; -and I would love to know what documentation or material you feel would have helped you learn about full site editing.

If you would like to help me test the new course before I release it, please email me on


Register_pattern has been renamed

In Gutenberg version 8.1, the PHP function used to create block patterns has been renamed from register_pattern to register_block_pattern.

Register_pattern is deprecated and will be removed in Gutenberg version 8.3.

Tutorials are being rewritten to match this.